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I could claim that I was in a coma for two years at a blog-free hospital

13 June 2011

A few weeks ago, I finished the rough draft of my first novel. Somehow, having written over 100 short stories didn’t prepare me like you might imagine. The only real solace was knowing that I’d typed the word-count equivalent of several novels during my adult life.

But why stop there. I looked at all the emails I’ve sent and guess what! Since 2009, I’ve actually written the length of War + Peace [that’s the 2011 orthography] 26.44 times! Finger fatigue is not a good excuse, ppl!

Currently am working on my first YA book. Boys and pimples aren’t any less stressful than intergalactic manhunts. Will update about progress of both projects (unless I catch another coma). Also, it’s probably time to publish some of those short stories, so will send letters from Rejection Central.

On the acting side of things, other than two recent indie shoots, I’ve been doing nothing but corporate videos for the last few months. “Look around when you have a moment. If you see any guest who needs a beverage refill, take the initiative.” I told the director that I waited tables for a summer. He was very impressed.


Hello world!

28 September 2009

“Hello world!”  Isn’t that a bit optimistic for someone’s first post?  “Hello mom!”  Yeah, that’s about right.  Should probably copy the link to her, then.

I remember being at SXSW not that many years ago and everyone was buzzing about blogging, what’s blogging, does it hurt.  If I had a time machine I’d pop round 2004 and tell ’em that it’ll all be o.k. and to worry about the stock market instead.