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Happy Things

10 September 2013

This is to make up for all the morbid stuff in August. Yay! Yea! Yeigh!

First, one of my favorite short stories was published by Daily Science Fiction last month. If you’re as smart as I think then you already get DSF. Every weekday they email a short piece of speculative fiction. A subscription is FREE, as in $0.00, yet DSF pays above pro rates to their writers. The stories themselves are short–perfect for a little pick-me-up or to read when you’re trying to avoid awkward moments on the subway. (Why is it that whenever you get a seat, you’re eye-level with something horrible?) Click here to read my story.

Now, a shameless plug for my dear, dear friend Jackie Highway. I’ve already gotten her to agree to do music for one of my short films (oral agreements are binding, no matter how drunk I was or how tied-up-and-threatened she was). She’s immensely talented… an orchestra violinist, a pianist, a painter, a perky yet haunting songwriter, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m so happy to announce that her first CD was just released. Lucky me, I got to hear the songs before the release, and I’m obsessed with “Forever Now” and “Ride the High Tide.” They are seriously catchy.

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