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Somewhere in the Atlantic, a dolphin is shooting up

10 August 2013

Don’t you hate it when you’re waiting for the bathroom and two scuzzy looking (if perfectly polite) guys come out? And when you go in, first you smell morphine (sweetish with black edges), and then you see a needle floating in the toilet?

The most horrific part was that some morbid part of me wanted to fish it out… and I have no idea why.


This reminded me of a recent conversation where I insisted that the Catacombs of Paris might be the most memorable way imaginable to spend an afternoon. My friends, who all live within a few hours of Paris, had never been… and, incredibly, didn’t seem inclined to work a visit into their schedules.

The only bad part of the catacombs is that the employees search your bags for bony contraband. With over six million skeletons down there, you’d think they’d be happy to free up some space. That’s 12 million femurs, 60 million metacarpals, 198 million vertebrae… you get the idea.

They’re probably worried about visitors messing up the neat little bone piles. The guy who stacked them… did it occur to him that he might be shuffling enemies into each other like a morbid deck of cards? On his deathbed, did he entreat his son to sneak his bones into the catacombs? “Make sure you stick my skull far back enough that tourists won’t be able to reach it for at last a hundred years.”

Oh… in case it’s not obvious from the blog title, I flushed that needle.

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  1. Scott permalink
    10 September 2013 23:08

    I tried to visit the Catacombs (for a second time) on a Friday in August. Upon arrival, I was dismayed to learn that the queue was at least three hours. During my previous visit, ten years before, I walked right in.

    • 11 September 2013 20:08

      Gah! Alrighty. In that case, the Catacombs are horrible and totally not worth visiting. Did you check out the Saint-Pierre Cathedral archaeological dig during any Geneva visit? Only a few skeletons but no tourists.

  2. 27 August 2013 01:09

    I don’t recall seeing many tourists down there. (Sounds like a bad joke… because it is, lol.) Which Ann Rice? The vampire books?

  3. doug permalink
    22 August 2013 01:24

    Knew about them ’cause of Ann Rice I think. ?

  4. doug permalink
    22 August 2013 01:23

    Interesting……I’ve always been fascinated by the catacombs…..hate being a tourist but would love to walk down there.

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